CLHMSI am frequently asked what the CLHMS designation in my title stands for.  It is one of several professional designations I hold, and for which I am very proud.  CLHMS stands for Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist.

This designation is acquired through the top luxury home marketing organization in the country, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.  It begins with intensive training from the Institute, and once the training is successfully completed, an Agent can then be considered a Member of the Institute.  Members of the Institute receive an amazing array of tools and benefits to use in successfully marketing upper-tier properties.

In order to obtain the designation of CLHMS, one needs to have a certain number of verified sales in the top 10% of their local real estate market.   This designation cannot be simply acquired by doing requisite course work; it must be earned and proven

CLHMS designees have the experience and resources that matter to their clients.  One of the many resources that I have in my arsenal is access to the Online Wealth Lookup (OWL) tool.    This powerful tool assists Agents in qualifying prospects, protecting clients’ best interests and gain leverage in negotiations.

Below is a real-life example which demonstrates the benefit of having this tool  (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Wayne the buyer is looking at my seller’s listing and another one down the street.  He is playing both properties against each other with a buyer’s agent, John.  I start to feel in my gut that this person is not for real.  I ask John if he has checked him out and he said he “seems” real.  They make an offer on the other listing down the street, get close to mutual acceptance, but don’t quite make it with the competing listing.

Wayne then calls me and asks to see my listing on a Sunday.  I accommodate him and he says John is busy and cannot be there with us.  I show him my listing.  Wayne tells me that he owns an Audi dealership, is wearing an Audi Hat, name drops like crazy and is talking a good game.  After the showing, I agree to tell John how much he loved the house and to write the deal.  We then part ways.

Then that feeling of doubt really started in on me.  I felt he was talking too much and there was something up.   I went into OWL and tried every variation of his name.  He does not show up anywhere as having any net worth.  Having used OWL before, I know some type of net worth would have to show up.  So, I call John and tell him that he could not present an offer to my listing like he did down the street without proof of funds.  The sellers were so heartbroken; they negotiated for days and never knew the party making the offer was not legit.  

Meanwhile, the agent down the street is also upset as her sellers were so excited to get their house sold.  She feels the same apprehension, so she calls the police department.  Low and behold, Wayne is wanted. 

Wayne had not been clued in, and so when he goes into John’s office to write up my listing and “talk” about the deal, the police are waiting for him.    Turns out he has 5 outstanding warrants for fraud, theft, breaking and entering and is not be trusted or left alone with anyone, and he is driving a stolen car.  The police haul Wayne the phony buyer away from the office conference room in hand cuffs.

I used OWL to verify my gut.  It worked, and my seller thanked me after it was over for checking him out and saving him the aggravation that the folks down the street went through.

When you are ready to make a move please give me a call.  I have the training, skills, tools and resources to ensure you achieve your objectives.  It would be my honor to assist you.

Marie Dinsmore, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

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