I always knew it had to do with balance and flow, but a specific definition is:

The Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.

If you hold stock in this Eastern thought you will Feng-Shui-Colorsnote that the front door of your home is probably the most important point.  This is where all energy enters your home, so maximizing the positive flow of energy is very important.  In Western terms, the front door is also an important part of the curb appeal of your home and one of the first impressions a potential buyer will receive.  So, why wouldn’t you want it to be one that states strength and positive energy?

There are numerous sites on the internet that tell you all about what to have and what not to have at the front door, in the entrance hall, or along the walls to portray good Feng Shui.  Cluttering up the entrance way, stoop or front porch with furniture, many potted plants and figurines is not good Feng Shui.  You want a clear entrance to your home with a strong and inviting appearance.  One potted plant in a container that is pretty and has a healthy plant is great!  A broken pot with a dead plant is not.

The same applies throughout your home.  Think about the flow.  Do you have to walk around things to get from one room to another?  Is the coffee table blocking the path into the kitchen or dining area, so you have to walk around it?  If a potential buyer is walking through your home, will they have to move about in a clumsy fashion to get from one room to another, or can they walk through, admiring the space and envisioning how they would decorate it?

Whether following Eastern or Western thought, your home will be more inviting if you have a positive flow of energy, and an unfettered pathway throughout.

Marie Dinsmore, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

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