Did you know October is Cyber Security Awareness Month? Are you protected?

I, for one, like to think of every month (well, every day) as a chance to make sure my online persona and data is secure. It seems like each day you hear about another data breach or attack on personal information. In the real estate industry, the focus is on cyber security in terms of wire fraud.

I tell my clients regularly to make sure websites are encrypted and — if possible — to double check account numbers with a real person and at the bank.

Here are some more tips from the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Lock down your login. Enable the strongest authentication tools available like multi-factor authentication for online accounts and fingerprint identification to lock your mobile device.
  • Keep a clean machine. Regularly update software on your devices.
  • Treat personal information like money. Think before providing details.
  • Own your online presence. Anything posted in public can be used against you. Think twice.
  • Share with care. Consider what a post reveals, who might see it, and how it could be perceived.

Source: Stop.Think.Connect Campaign Blog