Atlanta Agent Magazine recently ran a feature about alarming trends in home-buying. In essence, what decisions may you regret? Here’s the recap of the report, taken in part from ValueInsured’s Modern Homebuyer Survey.

  1. No home inspection: I can’t agree with this more. It’s an investment, yes, but trust your realtor. I have several inspectors I trust and can help you navigate the report.
  2. Offer sight unseen: If it looks too good to be true online, it probably is.
  3. Co-buying with strangers: It’s an interesting trend among younger buyers, especially in other countries. While it is unfortunate purchasing a home may take a while, it’s a big investment and should be treated like one.
  4. Cashing out from retirement savings: Not sure any financial advisor would recommend this one. Trust the experts in your life.
  5. Tiny homes: The TV adds, what, 50 pounds? They look better on TV. It may work for you, but be careful.

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