Some people think real estate is a tried-and-true, little-changing industry. That’s not the case. I’m constantly seeing new trends in design, neighborhood construction and sales tactics.

You need an agent that’s a student as well as an advocate.

I’m constantly reviewing email newsletters and other websites to stay on the cutting edge. From time to time, I like to share some of those findings. So, today, I came across a nice piece describing some of the downsides to a massive trend in real estate — “The Flip.”

Take this piece from the National Association of Realtors, which highlights what a quality agent can do for you if you’re interested in purchasing a flipped property.

The first thing to do with a remodel is to look at the public record and see when the property your buyers are interested in last changed hands. If it’s less than a year ago, the property may require a more thorough examination. While not every flip represents a potential landmine, you can help clients by asking for information about who completed the work, says broker Mark Ferguson with Pro Realty Inc. in North Greeley, Colo. Ferguson, also a real estate investor and blogger…

Further, I’m happy to talk you through my own experience of looking at hundreds of homes in various states of improvement and renovation.

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