You can choose between Traditional or iBuyer.

These days you have more options when it comes to selling your home. Traditional home sales are always an option and iBuyer home sales (receiving cash offers within a couple of days) are gaining popularity. But which do you choose?

How about both?

Before pursuing the traditional home sale journey, we can help you receive cash offers on your home and a retail market valuation in 48 hours.

Are you confused about today’s market?

Selling your property is one of the most complicated transactions you will perform in your life.  The truth is that there are so many things to consider, so many things to do, and so many things that can go wrong.  But at the end of the day, your decision comes down to a simple financial one – are you willing to accept the buyer’s offer?

Sure, you can go online and get an estimate for your property, but will anyone actually pay that?  Traditionally, you never know until you put your property on the market, go through at least one public showing, receive at least one offer, and complete negotiations.  Then you have your answer.

But sometimes, you never receive an offer.  Or, if you do, it’s way below what you hope for and certainly one you cannot accept.  And now you have lost time, and have put money into your property that you won’t recoup.  What do you do next?  The frustrating and confusing cycle begins all over again.

The Dinsmore Team is iREP Certified. Let us put you back in control.

We break down the costs and allow you to decide what’s best for you.

Solid Offers

We will view your property, provide you with multiple offers, and, if you choose, you can sell your home without showings, listings and close in a matter of days!

Client Experience

Our goal is to create a smooth process and deliver the highest level of service. It doesn’t matter what method you choose to sell your home.

Free Market Valuation

We’ll provide you with a Go To Market Comparative Market Analysis to show you how much your home would likely sell for in the current market when listed.

Professional Representation

Marie Dinsmore, a certified iReal Estate Pro™️, knows how to process traditional real estate transactions as well as get you top dollar using modern iBuyer programs.

If only you could receive multiple cash offers on your property without ever having a showing!

The Dinsmore Team can do this!   We can deliver multiple cash offers without any of the hassle, frustration and confusion that comes with traditional home sales.  As an iReal Estate Pro™️, Marie Dinsmore is certified and authorized to quickly present you with multiple, quick, cash offers from OpenDoor, OfferPad, Zillow, Knock, and local investors.  Once you sign a simple permission form, we will work with these iBuyers on your behalf.

Will you be able to save $$$ by going direct to these companies?

No fear! Even though you could go direct with these companies yourself, it’s likely not going to save you a dollar. It could cost you! There are a lot of hoops, questions, and proof you have to provide them yourself.  Are you disclosing the right things, in the right way?  Are you describing your property correctly?  Are you providing all the points that help you achieve the highest cash offers?

As an iREP, Marie can navigate these systems for you.  And the EXCELLENT NEWS is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you aren’t spending any extra money to have her represent you!

What does this process look like?

Simply contact Marie Dinsmore.  She will schedule a quick meeting with you at your home.  During that time she will discuss your goals for selling your home and take some notes and photographs.  Shortly after that meeting, Marie will then present you with multiple offers for your property.  If you accept any of these offers, you get to set the closing date.  It’s that easy!  Marie will do the heavy work and act as your agent for all these companies.  Your time and privacy will be protected!

Let’s get started!  Just contact us!

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